Dark Art Honors Suffering

IMG_2743Dark art honors suffering seems to be the agreed upon slogan for I Like to Paint Monsters, based on the incredible feedback we recently received at the Paradise Artist Retreat, premiere screening of the documentary. If we ever had any doubts about the potential impact of I Like to Paint Monsters, the Chet Zar documentary, they were completely vanquished after screening it for a mixed audience of one hundred and fifty plus artists, collaborators, and fans! IMG_2768After a brief introduction, standing in a spotlight, the audience somewhere out in the black hole of the auditorium, I seated myself for the nerve wracking ride. As the movie got underway I noticed people reacting where they were supposed, how they were supposed to, and for a brief one hour and twenty minutes I had the pleasure of watching three years worth of work through the eyes of my audience! The obligatory applause followed and I expected the audience to begin filing out. Instead they lowered their applause in favor of Rick Galiher’s delivery of the complete Ego Death eulogy, and sat quietly through the entire run of credits. Again we were met with applause, and at that moment I realized that we had achieved our goal. Originally the Q&A was to directly follow the screening, but I found myself standing and announcing a fifteen minute break to the audience, feeling that a few minutes to digest was necessary. IMG_2792Outside on the patio I was greeted by a regular stream of people, each taking a moment to express how deeply touched they had been by the film. I could overhear the murmur of the crowd and it seemed that everyone had felt the same tide of emotion. The Q&A began shortly thereafter and I found myself falling into that old Chet Zar, Mike Correll rhythm, and the bizarre stories began to flow. Even after the Q&A people came to the booth, next door to the auditorium, to express their appreciation of I Like to Paint Monsters; one incredible young man even said that it had changed his life! A humbling and hard to digest compliment, but one that speaks measures of the power of cinema and art! IMG_2562A week later now and I’m still digesting the experience. What is the most salient perhaps is that the Zarmy, albeit a catchy coined phrase, is actually a moniker for a group of people unified in their perception that Dark Art honors suffering. I Like to Paint Monsters has become a call to arms, and so it is quite apropos that those who support it would be called Zarmy members!  It is easy to get wrapped up in daily life, trying to both create and make enough money to pay the bills. Both Chet and I know it, and so we honor each Zarmy member for your level of involvement in both the Dark Art movement and I Like to Paint Monsters. With that in mind, Chet has taken a moment to give supporters and Kickstarter backers an update, and for those who did not make it to the documentary premiere, head to New Mexico on June 6th at 4:00pm, for the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience screening of I Like to Paint Monsters at the KIMO theatre. httpvh://youtu.be/7qa1xaNHQI8

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