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IMG_3580The Chet Zar Documentary reviews are piling up, with recent mention in, Tattoo Magazine, Rue Morgue and Bloody Disgusting. We are also honored that Clive Barker took time to review I Like to Paint Monsters! Our goal has always been to create a multi-dimensional film, that works biographically, inspirationally, and philosophically – precisely why we are so pleased by Bree Ogden‘s words, “I Like To Paint Monsters: The Chet Zar Story, directed by Mike Correll and produced by NRG Creations, isn’t just about an insanely talented man in the Dark Art movement, but about his journey to understand the world through his innate desire to create what many would perceive as darkness, but what is, in actuality, lightness.” (Bloody Disgusting) The review is thorough and in-depth, granting readers an opportunity to see I Like to Paint Monsters through Bree’s eyes, if only for several minutes, “It’s difficult to talk about this documentary because it’s so incredibly multifaceted. It’s a wonderful piece of film that takes the viewer through Chet’s life, to the impact he’s had on the art world (especially the world of Dark Art), to the way his art has impacted even himself.” (Bloody Disgusting) She concludes her investigative recap of the documentary with equal grace, “Everything about this documentary makes the viewer ask: “What goes into making an artist, an artist?” Though we’ll never know what makes each artist tick, I Like To Paint Monsters shows us exactly what makes the cogs turn in Chet Zar’s mind.” (Bloody Disgusting)

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Equally exciting has been our mention in Rue Morgue, “While director Mike Correll keeps the focus trained on Zar’s artistic journey by interviewing his family, friends and collaborators, including Alex Grey of Tool fame, his camera also captures some of the mystery behind Zar as a person. There’s a sense of spirituality, paranormal influence and oddly-timed divine interventions at constant play in the artist’s life.” (Rue Morgue Issue #159) As some of you may know, Chet Zar has worked with Clive Barker, so when Chet asked Barker to take a look at the documentary, he was more than happy, and afterwords said that I Like to Paint Monsters is “An inspiring and important film.” Similarly, closed their review with the following, “I cannot recommend I Like To Paint Monsters enough. It is one of the most insightful, inspiring and sincere documentaries I have ever seen, and it is absolutely one of my favorite films of 2015 so far.” ( Last but certainly not least, world renowned tattoo artist and painter Guy ColorPoster_Quotes_SmallAitchison penned an article for Tattoo Magazine concerning the screening of I Like to Paint Monsters at the Paradise Artist Retreat, and had this to say, “I expected the film to be both interesting and visually beautiful – which it definitely delivered – but I hadn’t expected it to be so moving and thought-provoking, with Correll’s deft hand catching something subtle about Chet’s art and life that I think we can all relate to.” (Tattoo Magazine Issue #311) We are humbled and honored to have so much corroboration, both from professionals and our many friends! Thank you again for supporting the Chet Zar documentary, and please stay tuned for future details concerning a release date!    

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