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Last week was the LA Premiere of ILTPM for “Son of Monsterpalooza“, and what an incredible event it was! You never really know how those kinds of events are going to transpire. You move into them with your intent affixed on what you would like to see – you rally and focus your efforts on working towards that vision – so it was quite gratifying to have such a successful screening! When we arrived on Thursday night to drop of I Like to Paint Monsters I was afforded a rare opportunity to see the “Son of Conjoined” exhibit prior to its public opening. I had imagined, in my mind’s eye, a relatively small exhibit but was surprised to see an expansive array of incredible artwork, both sculptural and two dimensional! After perusing the mutilated monster heads, glass encased curiosities, paintings and drawings, I gravitated to Chet Zar’s “Hearbroken” head, which I watched him produce (via social media) during a grueling eighteen day process, but had never seen in person. As is the case with all of IMG_4184Chet’s work, pictures do not do justice! Heartbroken is incredibly detailed and impressively large. My initial reaction was to seize it and pick it up, yet I respectfully requested such an honor prior to doing so. With permission, and a fair warning concerning the paint on the ears, I hefted the bulky thirty-five pound head and immediately set about having my cowboy hat set atop the wrinkled crown. After several shots were snapped Chet took control and positioned me in a better location, so that he could encourage and capture my ridiculous performance. Of course mischief and mayhem ensued, and good times were had by all! 

Mike does the Humpty Dance.

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The following day we arrived at Son of Monsterpalooza prior to the public opening, and spent a good deal of time at Chet’s booth, chatting with Zarmy members and selling Chet merchandise. The screening wasn’t until nine at night, so we kept our fingers crossed that people would stay for I Like to Paint Monsters. Shortly before the screening began “RIP The Undertaker” arrived and began ushering excited fans, friends and colleagues into the theatre, handing out skeleton candy and grinning maniacally. At Chet’s request we sat nearer the back than we have previously, and were accompanied by many Zarmy members, both old and new, including Stan DarkArt who makes a guest appearance in the film. The theme song for the documentary was created, performed and recorded by the incredible band, “With Our Arms to the Sun“, so it was exciting knowing that band leader Josh Breckenridge was in attendance for his first full-screen experience of the documentary. After I briefly introduced the film for a nearly full room of attendees, we buckled in for another ride on the ILTPM roller coaster, and I was both pleased and encouraged 12027756_1654190631494283_7935818608176723945_nto watch the audience react to the film as it played out! After the credits rolled (with everyone staying through them to hear RIP’s Ego Death delivery), we held a nice Q&A and mingled with our new friends. Cake was had by all, as it was Gary Pressman’s birthday (Copro Gallery). Long time Zarmy member and incredible tattoo artist Brett Herman stayed late to discuss the film, and we were joined by Conjoined contributor and artist Michael Whitlock, who arrived with Ketmanee Whitlock, bearing gifts!

The experience was powerful, so the fifteen hour drive home allowed me an opportunity to meditate on where the documentary started, where it has been, and where it is going. As the road scrolled by in a blur of black punctuated by yellow flashes, and we moved into the desolate deserts of the Mojave, I was struck with a sense of calm and time became malleable. I know this place, this present moment, this now, and so I immersed myself deeply as the sun glinted upon my windshield, throwing rainbows in my eyes. Back home now and we are moving briskly closer to a distribution deal, with more to come on the next blog, so stay tuned for future developments!    



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