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Chet Zar - Teen Collage © 2014 Chet Zar, LLC

Teenage Chet Zar Collage

The DVD Bonus Features have been the focus of the past several weeks, with every effort paid to quality and content. First Run Features has been supportive in allowing NRG Creations full creative license, which translates to amazing bonus features! No guarantees but it looks like we will be including more than an hour of additional material, including extended interviews, cutting room floor sequences, painting time-lapses, and a behind the scenes music video. As an independent filmmaker I value the creative integrity of my work above all else, and I find myself in the fortuitous position of working with First Run Features who similarly value the creative involvement of the filmmaker in the post production process. This is a dynamic that we have meditated on manifesting for several years now, so reaping the benefits is all the sweeter. For the Zarmy this is an assurance that both Chet Zar and I have overseen every stage of the packaging process, so you can be guaranteed enjoyment in exploring all of the Dark Art rabbit holes we have included. This situation has also presented us with the opportunity to pay homage to those interview subjects who either did not make the cut, or who were included, but only marginally.

Brian Smith still image © NRG Creations, Inc. 2014

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of artist Brian Smith

It has been very interesting to immerse myself, once again, in all of the I Like to Paint Monsters material, material which I have not revisited in many months. I am left with an overwhelming sentiment of hope as I listen to and watch the many interview subjects discuss a paradigm shift that is undoubtedly occurring. It seems to me that Dark Artists and fans alike are finding a way to bridge the gap of isolation through sharing darkness. What we all have in common is that we suffer, and we are afraid, and that very fact has the ability to either separate us further, or to drawn us nearer one another. It would seem that many people in this day and age are holding out for the latter, and this gives me great hope! Not only hope for each of us as individuals, but hope for our society.

"Death Mantis" and Trademarked Gas Mask Logo © 2015 Chet Zar, LLC

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of “Death Mantis” time-lapse

When things get heavy, and I find myself treading the dark lonely waters, I seek to act the way I want to feel. If I am feeling depressed, then simply by acting happy I engage chemicals and neural pathways that will lead towards a shift in my emotions. But it is not always so easy. Games also provide me an outlet for losing myself in a task which provides great gratification. So I will leave you with this Dark Egg Hunt, and hope that you enjoy it. This one is worth a Limited Edition Chet Zar postcard. Post your solution to the I Like to Paint Monsters FB page – first to succeed in solving the riddle WINS the prize (but really, everyone who tries wins)! 

Click the Pic

Go to www.iliketopaintmonsters.com

From Home page Navigate 2 to your right,

5 becomes 4 by solving this anagram: troll crash code —> join tone

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