Two Thousand Fifteen

2015gasmaskTwo thousand fifteen was an incredible year for I Like to Paint Monsters! We received our first print review in Hi-Fructose Magazine, and were encouraged by the responses we received from our friends, family and colleagues. We saw the documentary through its final three months of post production polishing, after which it premiered for a generous audience at the Paradise Artist Retreat in New Mexico. Shortly thereafter we began actively pursing a distribution deal, during which we received a wonderful print review in Tattoo Magazine, curtesy of artist Guy Aitchison. We also enjoyed some digital press with Bloody Disgusting and CHUD, followed by another print review in Rue Morgue

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Our second Southwest screening occurred at the “Albuquerque Film and Music Experience“, where a retrospective of Chet’s work was also on display. We successfully walked away with the “Guerrilla Marketing Award” and yet another audience that was profoundly impacted by the screening! 

Through major networking efforts we began a discourse with several production companies, and ultimately licensed with First Run Features, bringing us that much closer to our ultimate goal: getting the film out to you! Around this time Chet facilitated an intimate local screening of ILTPM at Der Wolfskopf in Pasadena, and while I wasn’t able to attend, it was apparent that Chet Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.34.12 PMhighly valued his experience, and similarly the packed house appeared entranced; as Chet told me, “For that eighty minutes it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop”. I was, on the other hand, able to attend our other west coast screening, which occurred in tandem with Chet’s “Son of Conjoined” exhibit at the “Son of Monsterpalooza” convention. I can’t be sure, but it appeared to be the largest audience to date! 


The documentary touched down one final time in the Southwest at The Grid in Arizona for a “Doc & Rock”. Neither Chet nor I were able to attend this screening (the first of its kind), but our Brothers “With Our Arms to the Sun” (featured on the score) were there to enjoy the film, and then rock out for those in attendance. 

While preparing for our first east coast screening at the “Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival” we were provided with an “Honorable Mention” award from the “SaMo Indie Fest” in Santa Monica – yet another surprise! The Ithaca Film Festival took very good care of us, and prepared a retrospective display of Chet’s work. Fortuitously, many Zarmy members rallied to meet us in this remote town for good times and Dark Art! 



Immediately upon returning from Ithaca, and really throughout the final three months of the year, the focus was on preparing for the eventual release of ILTPM. This meant decisions concerning a significant host of items, and a lot of work to prepare the bonus features for the DVD. Simultaneously, many of the rewards that Chet had been crafting for Kickstarter Backers were finally in the stages of completion. This translated to work doubling in an effort to get rewards out to Backers before Christmas, and meet our bonus features deadline! While we did meet our deadline, we did not get the rewards finalized and shipped before Christmas. 


For me, and I know for many people, Christmas time can be somewhat depressing (for a whole host of reasons), and this one has been no exception. I was flattened to hear that James Zar passed away somewhat rapidly as I was finalizing the bonus features. As I have come to love Chet and his entire family, I couldn’t help but be profoundly affected! But production cannot cease (just ask Chet) so I have soldiered on in my perennially optimistic way, and we are now on the cusp of a new year. We look forward to an early 2016 iTunes and DVD release (more info will be made available as we are able), and hopefully a warm reception by the many people who take the time to watch it! 

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In numerological terms the number 2016 would simply be added together to create a whole number between 1 and 9. So, 2+0+1+6 = 9, which translates to “spiritual rebirth” or completion of a cycle! May you complete your cycle and be spiritually reborn in the coming year; long live the Zarmy! 

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