DY5TOPIA Solo Show Kickstarter

The DY5TOPIA solo show Kickstarter is launching August 25th, 3:00pm PST! This is your chance to get an original Chet Zar oil painting from the DY5TOPIA solo show, for discounted prices! 

Dy5topia Solo Show Kickstarter

For the past five months Chet Zar and I have been creating a Field Guide for his dark universe. This process has required a deep investigation into the only evidence of DY5TOPIA that we possess – Chet’s paintings. The information we have gathered has since been organized and and is currently being refined for publication. Throughout this process Chet has similarly embarked upon a personal journey, using his paint to flesh out the many dark corners of DY5TOPIA. 

Dy5topia Solo Show Kickstarter

On October 15th, 2016 many of these new paintings will be unveiled at Copro Gallery for his annual solo show, and we would like to transport you to DY5TOPIA! The walls of Copro Gallery will be transformed into DY5TOPIA, smokestacks will be erected, Chet Zar will be scoring the event soundtrack, props will be installed and special character appearances of Chet Zar’s “Black Magick” and “Interloper” are scheduled! Everyone attending will be invited to dress as their favorite Chet Zar monster, or any monstrous being of choice. Placards will also be placed throughout the gallery with excerpts from DY5TOPIA: A Field Guide to the Dark Universe of Chet Zar, guiding you through the experience!

Dy5topia Solo Show Kickstarter

This Kickstarter is offering original paintings from Chet’s solo show at Copro Gallery, October 15th, 2016. Not only will you be able to get your hands on smaller items like the DY5TOPIA book, companion book, Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters DVD, 5×7″ custom DY5TOPIA frames, and full sized DY5TOPIA frame-corner sculptures, but you will also have the opportunity to purchase custom framed paintings that will be featured in the solo show! Choose your favorite images, from Interlopers to Black Magick, landscapes to smokestacks, and so much more. This is your opportunity to get an original Chet Zar painting (before they are gone), and contribute to the success of the solo show, all in one! Look for links to the Kickstarter tomorrow at 3pm, and get first choice —> DY5TOPIA FACEBOOK

Dy5topia Solo Show Kickstarter

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Mike Correll

Mike Correll's fascination with Dark Art is long standing. As a young child he began drawing the monsters that plagued his dreams. Despite the reprimands of his worried teachers, his parents supported him in his artistic endeavors, allowing him to creatively purge the often violent and grotesque images that came to him in his sleep. Drawings made way for collages and sculptures, but Correll sought a larger audience and ultimately turned to filmmaking. In 2002, he graduated with a B.A. from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University, pioneering a degree titled "Imaginative Moviemaking." His studies included screenwriting, film appreciation, video production, and fine arts. Although Correll resides in New Mexico, his home state is Washington where he received local accolades at the Projections Film Festival with his video work, taking Best Feature Documentary for "The Many Faces of Homelessness" as well as Best Animation for "Labyrinth of Penumbra". Correll also interned with EVR Films, where he worked to master skills related to special effects, costume/set design, directing, producing, editing, and cinematography. In addition, he has created TV commercials, music videos, and experimental narratives. His newest release, Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters (2015), takes the audience into the dark and foreboding world of Chet Zar, where apocalyptic industrial landscapes are inhabited by disturbing yet beautiful monstrosities. Correll asks the question: Who is Chet Zar, and why does he like to paint monsters? Hailed by Tattoo Magazine as "Beautiful, moving and thought-provoking", and regaled by Clive Barker as "An inspiring and important film...", the documentary won an "Honorable Mention" at the Santa Monica Independent Film Festival, and the "Guerrilla Marketing" award at the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience.

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