The Kickstarter Campaign

The second Kickstarter, I Like to Paint Monsters: Post Production & Film Festival, was successfully funded, much like the first, because of the amazing support of the Zarmy! Watch the 2014 Kickstarter video here: 

The 2012 Kickstarter – Where it all Began!

In March 2012, Mike Correll took a trip to the Tamaya Lodge in New Mexico, where the Paradise Artist Retreat was being held, to meet Chet Zar in person. During this trip, Correll had an idea : a documentary about Zar. Shortly after returning from the retreat, Correll pitched his idea to Zar and found the much-needed endorsement to move forward. But without the necessary funding to do justice to a documentary about Zar, Correll turned to Kickstarter. Click the Kickstarter logo link to see project.


Over the next 6 months Correll developed the Kickstarter project, “I Like to Paint Monsters,” which he unveiled on September 12, 2012. The following day, Correll joined Zar at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Keystone, Colorado. With an all-access pass—courtesy of Gabriel Ripley—Correll began collecting preliminary footage of Zar, who was teaching sculpting and painting at the gathering.

During the next 30 days, Correll, with the help of Zar and his many friends, fans, and colleagues, worked tirelessly to promote the project. At this time, a variety of new Monster Reward tiers were developed to pique the interest of followers, including the generous contributions of famous tattoo artist Tommy Lee Wendtner, who offered up his services in support of a new $1,000 tier.

All of the hard work came to fruition October 12th, when the Kickstarter project succeeded with an astounding $31,220 raised! Thanks to the 171 backers and the help of everyone in a multitude of social networking circles, the original goal of $25,000 had been surpassed by 24%!