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Chet Zar: San Pedro Tour Guide

During my LA extravaganza I had the exciting opportunity to go on a tour of Chet Zar’s home town, San Pedro. With the GoPro mounted to the dashboard, Chet Zar and Tom Ensign as my co-pilots, and the rental car primed with a full tank of gas, we cruised around the town.


During our field trip Chet Zar took us to his childhood home, some outdoor areas that he remembers from growing up, as well as the industrial section of the port. I mention this because last night I began editing the footage, and although the audio is not necessarily perfect, the footage is fantastic! Stay tuned for sneak peeks of the San Pedro Tour.

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Chet Zar’s Philosophy on Success

I had a great conversation today with Chet Zar concerning the I Like To Paint Monsters project, during which we touched upon the subject of making manifest the things that we’re passionate about. Years ago Chet Zar stepped off the edge of a proverbial cliff by making the critical decision to test a philosophy, which meant abandoning his career in the film industry in pursuance of painting monsters. This decision, although quite scary, proved to him that anything is possible so long as a person follows their bliss! Yet despite his success in the arena of fine art he struggles, as most of us do from time to time, with maintaining the realization that we can achieve anything, however farfetched, so long as we remember to follow our bliss.

Chet Zarmy Muriel Design

That little critic seems to plague most of us, always placing limitations on our potential, instilling the doubts and fears which can drive us into complacency and mediocrity. Nevertheless, Chet Zar continues to set a fantastic example by living his philosophy day in and day out. Although he may be anxious and afraid at times, he does not allow this to stand in the way of his process of creation. In fact he often transmutes these feelings into tangible works of extraordinary art. So join us! Surrender to your bliss, follow your passion, kill the critic and pursue your dreams! We are the Chet Zarmy and we won’t be held back!

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“I Like to Paint Monsters” (ILTPM) webpage is finally up and running!

ILTPM Webpage As you now know the highly anticipated “I Like to Paint Monsters” (ILTPM) webpage is finally up and running! On this site you will find information related to every aspect of the project, from the man behind the camera, to the artist around which everything revolves, to the documentary itself―how it accomplished funding, the content it seeks to cover, and the process of its creation. Past Events In January I traveled to California for the first official shoot. On the second day of my stay I had the opportunity to capture the Conjoined III opening at Copro Gallery. Curated by Zar, this predominantly sculptural show seeks to bridge the gap between the special effects industry and the fine art world. The turnout was tremendous, with easily over a thousand people in attendance. Zar was on hand to sign his newly released book, BLACK MAGICK: The Art of Chet Zar, during which I braved the crowds and captured many candid moments between Zar and his fans. During my eight day stay, with the help of Executive Producer Mischa McLachlan and fellow filmmaker Tom Ensign, I successfully completed ten interviews. Included were several of Zar’s family members as well as a host of his friends, colleagues and fellow Dark Artists. We also had the unique opportunity to tour Zar’s home town, cameras in hand, with none other than Zar acting as the tour guide. Upcoming Events I’m currently preparing for the Paradise Artist Retreat at the Tamaya Resort in beautiful New Mexico, where I will again be teaming up with McLachlan and Ensign for another marathon round of interviews. Joining us on this trip is the talented Joy Correll, who was involved in the preliminary ILTPM shoot in September of 2012, at the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Colorado. What better location for the second official shoot than the Paradise Artist Retreat, where world renowned artists will be collaborating on a four day seminar of drawing, painting, and sculpting? Chet Zar & ILTPM Merchandise We have including an easy access link to Zar’s “Store of Doom” for those interested in perusing his wares. Currently available are books, shirts, original paintings, paper/canvas giclee prints, and sculptures. Stay tuned for the unveiling of ILTPM merchandise which is slated to include patches, shirts, hoodies and posters. Again, and as always, I thank you for your support! M

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