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Reviews and Documentary Access

225_chetzarReviews and documentary access are the topics of importance today! As some of you may have noticed, the website has been down for over a month. We are back and ready for action, with some great “Chet ZarI Like to Paint Monsters” review links, and a variety of ways to get your hands on the documentary. The documentary is already off to a great start with numerous reviews, both professional and personal, pouring in by the day. We couldn’t be happier with both the quality and content of the reviews! Most recently C.L. Illsley  of the Montreal Rampage had this to say, “I Like to Paint Monsters not only provides a showcase for Zar’s work but also delves into the motivations and inspirations behind them …. entertaining and well-made.” Illsley also paid homage to the Zarmy, stating, “Interestingly, I Like to Paint Monsters was financed by several Kickstarter campaigns which seems to be a reflection not only of Zar’s outsider status but also of his fiercely loyal fan base.” (Entire article: Montreal Rampage Review) We were also happy to discover that famous film critic Kam Williams included us on his Top Ten DVD Releases for 3-8-16. The list was later syndicated and featured in 106 U.S. cities! We landed in the L.A. Beat, with Paul Gaita saying this, “Zar is an engaging subject and his monster art is both alarming and quite beautiful, in its own way.” (Entire Aricle: Movies Till Dawn) In addition we found ourselves the topic of discussion in Scared Stiff gave us a 5 star rating, opening their article about “Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters” with these words, “We said it once, and it’s worthy to say it again. First Run Features releases first-rate films, and the top DVD release for March proves our point, again.” (Entire Article: Examiner Review)

Screen-Shot-2016-01-22-at-11.27.31-AMFor those Zarmy members who would rather watch “Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters”, than read what others think about it, check out these options. Our distributor, First Run Features (FRF), is offering the DVD at a 25% discount, so if you are in the U.S. or Canada this is a great option: FRF Purchase DVD Link. The documentary is also streaming VOD (video on demand) in HD via iTunes, and is available in the U.S. / Canada / U.K. – Watch on iTunes. In addition Amazon is carrying both new and used versions of the DVD, and offer International shipping: Amazon Purchase DVD Link. Last but certainly not least, Chet Zar will be at the Monsterpalooza convention in Pasadena this weekend (booth #88), so stop by and grab a copy of the DVD in person!

Sourpuss.WebcutoutSome of you are already taking advantage of the Instagram contest, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants a chance at winning a FREE “Sourpuss” monster bust! The fringe benefit, is that each and every review that we receive helps to drive greater traffic to “Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters”. So if you want to directly help spread the word of Zar, carefully follow these easy directions: 1. Watch “Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters”; 2. Review it on Amazon; 3. Post a Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters image on Instagram; 4. Tag the following: @ChetZar @NRGcreations #ILikeToPaintMonsters and #FirstRunFeatures. One entry per person. Don’t wait, the contest ends April 20th, 2016 at 5:55pm (MST)

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Documentary Street Date

225_chetzarThe “Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters” Documentary Street Date has been released, and we are excited to say that this is only part of the good news we have today! The official street date is March 8, 2016 for DVD, which means the long wait is finally over! For those who have been following the creation of I Like to Paint Monsters from inception to, now, distribution, the wait has been lengthy to say the least. Chet Zar and I agreed in March 2012 to begin pursing a Kickstarter, funds from which I would produce the documentary. Therefore, in total, it has been four years to the month! That is a long time to ask an audience to remain interested, yet what we have discovered is that the Zarmy is not shrinking, rather growing! 

I promised more good news, and I will adhere to my word. While you can certainly pre-order a copy of Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters through Amazon, or rent it on iTunes (release date to be forthcoming), you will also have the opportunity to receive a copy through a soon to be announced Kickstarter, which Chet is hosting! The copies that Backers will receive are from the very first replication order, and will be signed/numbered. More importantly though is not what you will get, but what this soon to be announced Kickstarter is about.


Last summer Chet and I began working on a Field Guide, if you will, to Chet’s Dark Universe. This will be your opportunity to enter the bizarre landscapes that Chet has channeled with his sketches, sculptures and paintings. You will be guided through the peculiar geography, culture, and creatures that inhabit a place not far removed from our own. You will see close-up sketches of accoutrements, landscapes and dwellings, and read about how this world works. Chet will be producing a great wealth of new material for the book, which will be available to Backers. The book will be filled with extensive explanations and footnotes authored by yours truly, detailing the more complex workings of this world, and its inhabitants! So stayed tuned for more news as we draw closer to a formal announcement!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.27.31 AM

What documentary street date blog would be without information concerning the DVD bonus features? In addition to the eighty minute feature documentary, we have worked hand in hand with First Run Features to include much more, such as: Extended Interrogations, Chopping Block: Deleted Scenes, Rogue’s Gallery: The Art of Chet Zar, Behind the Scenes Featurette, Time-Lapses: The Creation of Six Chet Zar Paintings, and Official Trailer! The documentary is in english, but is open to all regions, so it can be enjoyed anywhere! We are very excited for the Zarmy to finally see the film, but also for the world to be exposed to the genius of Chet Zar! 

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DVD Bonus Features

Chet Zar - Teen Collage © 2014 Chet Zar, LLC

Teenage Chet Zar Collage

The DVD Bonus Features have been the focus of the past several weeks, with every effort paid to quality and content. First Run Features has been supportive in allowing NRG Creations full creative license, which translates to amazing bonus features! No guarantees but it looks like we will be including more than an hour of additional material, including extended interviews, cutting room floor sequences, painting time-lapses, and a behind the scenes music video. As an independent filmmaker I value the creative integrity of my work above all else, and I find myself in the fortuitous position of working with First Run Features who similarly value the creative involvement of the filmmaker in the post production process. This is a dynamic that we have meditated on manifesting for several years now, so reaping the benefits is all the sweeter. For the Zarmy this is an assurance that both Chet Zar and I have overseen every stage of the packaging process, so you can be guaranteed enjoyment in exploring all of the Dark Art rabbit holes we have included. This situation has also presented us with the opportunity to pay homage to those interview subjects who either did not make the cut, or who were included, but only marginally.

Brian Smith still image © NRG Creations, Inc. 2014

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of artist Brian Smith

It has been very interesting to immerse myself, once again, in all of the I Like to Paint Monsters material, material which I have not revisited in many months. I am left with an overwhelming sentiment of hope as I listen to and watch the many interview subjects discuss a paradigm shift that is undoubtedly occurring. It seems to me that Dark Artists and fans alike are finding a way to bridge the gap of isolation through sharing darkness. What we all have in common is that we suffer, and we are afraid, and that very fact has the ability to either separate us further, or to drawn us nearer one another. It would seem that many people in this day and age are holding out for the latter, and this gives me great hope! Not only hope for each of us as individuals, but hope for our society.

"Death Mantis" and Trademarked Gas Mask Logo © 2015 Chet Zar, LLC

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of “Death Mantis” time-lapse

When things get heavy, and I find myself treading the dark lonely waters, I seek to act the way I want to feel. If I am feeling depressed, then simply by acting happy I engage chemicals and neural pathways that will lead towards a shift in my emotions. But it is not always so easy. Games also provide me an outlet for losing myself in a task which provides great gratification. So I will leave you with this Dark Egg Hunt, and hope that you enjoy it. This one is worth a Limited Edition Chet Zar postcard. Post your solution to the I Like to Paint Monsters FB page – first to succeed in solving the riddle WINS the prize (but really, everyone who tries wins)! 

Click the Pic

Go to

From Home page Navigate 2 to your right,

5 becomes 4 by solving this anagram: troll crash code —> join tone

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Documentary Distribution

EgoDeath_48x36_webDocumentary distribution is now an inevitable reality! We recently licensed the documentary with First Run Features, which means I Like to Paint Monsters, the Chet Zar story, is one step closer to our viewing audience! I cannot divulge any specific release information, but what I can say is that early 2016 is looking possible. At this stage we are selecting Chet Zar imagery for movie posters and discussing promotional materials, such as trailers, as we prepare for the eventual release. There is much in the way of decision making between now and then – all of the gritty behind-the-scenes stuff that manifests in a downloadable viewing experience, as well as a disc to spin in your player!

I am so excited to be working with First Run Features, as I have followed their material for my entire adult life, and even mentioned to Chet (back in October 2012, upon completing the first Kickstarter) that I would be happy to have First Run Features carry our film. Now, three years later, that dream has become a reality! Therein lies the power of creative visualization and magickal manifestation, one of the core topics covered in the documentary. As noted by Bree Ogden (Bloody Disgusting), the documentary seeks to capture both Chet’s development as a person, and as a spirit, “It’s difficult to talk about this documentary because it’s so incredibly multifaceted. It’s a wonderful piece of film that takes the viewer through Chet’s life, to the impact he’s had on the art world (especially the world of Dark Art), to the way his art has impacted even himself.” (Bloody Disgusting, ILTPM Review)  

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 4.34.12 PM

In the meantime, while we finalize the stages necessary to bring about the release of the documentary, there are some upcoming screenings. If you are in the Pasadena area (CA) on Monday, October 26th, head over to Der Wolfskopf, grab some brew and catch a 7pm screening of I Like to Paint Monsters in the basement gallery! Chet Zar will be in attendance, so here is your chance to hang out with the Painter of Dark while watching the documentary about him. If you are in the Phoenix area (AZ) on Sunday, November 1st (perhaps you caught the Tool and Primus concert and will be staying another day), head over to The Grid in Mesa, AZ for an 8pm screening of I Like to Paint Monsters, followed by a With Our Arms to the Sun performance (they will have opened for Tool the previous night, Halloween) – “The Doc and Rock” duo! Finally, if you are in New York  for the weekend of Saturday, November 14th, you can catch both director Mike Correll and Chet Zar at the Ithaca Film Festival. Chet will have an exhibit opening on Friday 13th (running through Sunday), and I Like to Paint Monsters will be screening at 2pm on Saturday


We are honored and excited to move forward with the knowledge that the documentary will be in front of your eyes very soon! As always stay tuned to for all your ILTPM news needs, and give us a follow @ILk2PntMonsters on Periscope, with weekly updates and film outtakes! 

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