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Documentary Collectibles

IMG_6217New Documentary Collectibles are available in the ILTPM Store, but there are a limited amount, so get yours before it’s too late! While archiving the Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters (2015) documentary production material, I found several items which the Zarmy will be excited about. First, I located fifty Master HDV Cassette boxes, with production notations. At first glance an empty plastic box could seem a bit lackluster, but these one-of-a-kind collectibles are part of the very fabric that makes up the documentary. Each box bears the actual dates, subjects, and notes pertinent to the raw footage that once existed within, and are signed by filmmaker Mike Correll (me). In addition, 5 of the 50 boxes will contain Darkly Tickets. These numbered tickets are redeemable for amazing prizes including documentary patches, a signed 8×10″ open edition Chet Zar print, a signed Chet Zar Paintbrush, and a silver-sharpie-sketched “Chet Zar: The Art of Black Magick” book! If you receive a Darkly Ticket, ranging from FIRST PLACE (5) to LAST PLACE (1), follow the social media descriptions within for redemption. Shipping is included. Purchase here: HDV Cassette Box

IMG_6218The last wooden framed, “Zarmy” edition silkscreen is also available! This silkscreen was used to produce all of the 2012 Kickstarter “Zarmy” edition hoodies and t-shirts, and is 3/3 from the screens used for that campaign. The screen has been “trapped” with clear lacquer to ensure no additional printing occurs, but the original image is salient! This wooden framed silkscreen is ready to hang on your wall, and bears the edition information and my signature.  Purchase here: Zarmy Silkscreen

The ILTPM Store is currently out of Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters DVD’s, but you can get them from First Run Features, here: Purchase DVD, or in HD for V.O.D. on iTunes, here: Documentary in HD; soon to be available from Chet Zar’s Store of Doom!


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Final Chet Zar Documentary Shoot

  IMG_6791 I just returned from the final Chet Zar Documentary shoot, and all I can say is WOW! After a 20+ hour drive to San Francisco, I settled in to a three day shoot with Chet Zar collector, and I Like to Paint Monsters Co-Producer Myron Walters. Walking in cold to an interview with a stranger is always interesting, you never know what to expect. But I was greeted, as is often the case, by a friendly, humble, philanthropic man, who has realized that the way to make the world a better place, is to support the artists that are blazing that path! Myron funded the trip, welcomed me into his home, and shared his amenities, life experiences, career and art collection with me. During this process I had the unique opportunity to shoot the famed Chet Zar painting, “Post American Gothic”, as well as some other less known but equally emotive pieces, such as “Nobot” and “The Thing (study)”. Among his collection are pieces by other amazing artists as well, including Clive Barker and Adam Jones. PostAmericanGothic_24x30_OC_2011Myron sleeps, eats, breathes and shits art (and I mean that in the most noble way) – he circulates collectibles with people who may not have had the opportunity to collect them, but now have some extra dough. Myron opened my mind to new ways of thinking, and we built a strong friendship which, aside from the amazing footage, is just as valuable! I am grateful for the people more than anything…humbled and honored!    IMG_6963 Next I drove south to L.A. where I caught up with Chet. Synchronicity struck and Chet had apartment space available at his home, so I unpacked my film gear in a room hung with original Chet Zar’s, dating all the way back to 2002! Sharing wall space with Chet’s work were several masterpieces by his father, James Zar! One in particular, Chet informed, hung on the wall of his childhood home in the 70’s, and continues to influence his work. The next several days found me interviewing his High School drama teacher, colleagues at Spectral Motion Studio (where Chet and I filmed a walking tour), a devote fan, and special FX friends who were instrumental in the creation of the famed “Ego Death” Halloween show. IMG_6846 During this process Chet and I also filmed extensively. I was fortuitous enough to shoot Chet sifting through a lost portfolio of art (including childhood, high school, and adult work), which he discovered moments after I arrived. We also filmed many casual conversations, painting in his studio, b-roll of his oddity collection, and some highly focused interviews, where he disclosed secrets concerning Ouija boards, the number 5, and the next phase for the Dark Art movement.

Crossing the Mojave

The 15+ hour drive home allowed for much mental digestion, for conclusions to be drawn comfortably as the world scrolled by. More motivated than ever, and loaded with some of the most content packed footage to date, I’m ready to reveal this story to the world! Many thanks to the Zarmy for all of your support; without you this would not be happening. Together we will ensure that the world knows of the great Dark Art Master, Chet Zar!        

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