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And The Beat Goes On

IMG_7937And the beat goes on; every night this week I have been hard at work blasting through the I Like to Paint Monsters Documentary b-roll, shaping the Chet Zar story into something greater than the sum of its parts. When people think of documentary they often reflect upon a traditional piece of journalistic film work, in which the subject of the documentary follows a clean and clear pathway from a “beginning” to an “end” – from point (a) to point (g)…or whatever. The story of Chet Zar is not so convenient, and it would be irresponsible as a director and artist to force it into such a mold. I Like to Paint Monsters has subplots, and at times is structured self-reflectively, and yet I did not make these decisions. The process of documentary is so unique, in that the documentary (if you are open to it) will inform YOU of what to do next. Often the next suggested step seems off-kilter and perhaps questionable. Yet if you are capable of staying out of your own way, as is the case I believe with all art forms, the most amazing magick occurs – the piece of art takes on a life of its own! It begins to evolve, and in the case of documentary it evolves with the ever changing conditions of life. A documentary does not occur in a static, studio environment, rather out in the world, where random occurrences are the rule not the exception.

The “star” of the shoot – a scarlet runner bean hints at what is to come

Now with that said, I will offer up some rare behind the scenes images, of documentary studio work I have been completing. Aside from the interviews (obviously), and the periodic “dramatization”,  the audience is carried through the experience by visual storytelling. Most of this visual storytelling is captured throughout the process of shooting, so long as you are brave enough to leave the camera running when the situation “seems” to be over, or turning it on when you get an intuition. Even still, unless you want your audience staring at a bunch of talking heads (often too close, so you can see nose hairs) you must fill the gaps with imagery that coincides with what is being said. I Like to Paint Monsters has been gracious enough to tell me how to fill those gaps. Most of this is TOP SECRET of course….wouldn’t want to spoil the enjoyment of taking the ride, should you decide to buy the ticket! In the mean time, here is an excerpt from the script, enjoy! IMG_7931 “It’s always hard to wrap things up with a nice, neat little bow. That’s what I struggle the most with as an artist. As humans we have a tendency to perceive things in a very polarized fashion. Very black and white. But what our experience teaches us, is that while black and white exist, most things fall in the tones of grey. And so loose ends are the rule, not the exception.”     

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Iconic Chet Zar Painting is available

Abandoned_ChetZar_OB_14x18_2008Iconic Chet Zar Painting is available! I was somewhat surprised to see Chet Zar’s “Abandoned” for sale on ebay, yet not entirely. Chet Zar’s paintings are at the forefront of the Dark Art Movement, so if there was ever a time for collectors to begin circulating iconic pieces such as “Post American Gothic” (recently on the market) and “Abadoned”, now is the time! With only two days left and no bids, “Abandoned” is poised to sell for the ridiculously low price of $2,700! There is a great likelihood that this painting will be included in the “I Like to Paint Monsters” documentary, which will only increase its already teeming value!   Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.55.54 AMRecently featured in the “I Like to Paint Monsters” documentary trailer, “Abandoned” embodies the very essence of Chet Zar’s work – lonesome characters wrought with pain, sadness and bleak nostalgia. These characters resonate deeply because they touch us in a very intimate place, a place that is so personal and fragile, that we dare not expose it to the world. Within the capacity of artist and shaman, brave creators like Chet Zar blaze a path that others can follow. They tear open their chests and expose the withered, worm riddled heart that beats within their core. They beckon us to look, despite our fear, so that we may also open our hearts and share our suffering with others. They remind us that we are all afraid, and it is okay, so long as we do not allow it to stop us in our tracks, like the character in “Abandoned” we must persevere. We are all bound in this human experience, and while we may feel isolated and sick with the state of the world, we are all connected in our dismay, and galvanized in our pursuit of a better world! “Abandoned” speaks measures of this eternal human struggle, and will likely be considered one of the great masterpieces of our time! So I implore you to follow the link and drop a bid: BUY ABANDONED 

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Final Chet Zar Documentary Shoot

  IMG_6791 I just returned from the final Chet Zar Documentary shoot, and all I can say is WOW! After a 20+ hour drive to San Francisco, I settled in to a three day shoot with Chet Zar collector, and I Like to Paint Monsters Co-Producer Myron Walters. Walking in cold to an interview with a stranger is always interesting, you never know what to expect. But I was greeted, as is often the case, by a friendly, humble, philanthropic man, who has realized that the way to make the world a better place, is to support the artists that are blazing that path! Myron funded the trip, welcomed me into his home, and shared his amenities, life experiences, career and art collection with me. During this process I had the unique opportunity to shoot the famed Chet Zar painting, “Post American Gothic”, as well as some other less known but equally emotive pieces, such as “Nobot” and “The Thing (study)”. Among his collection are pieces by other amazing artists as well, including Clive Barker and Adam Jones. PostAmericanGothic_24x30_OC_2011Myron sleeps, eats, breathes and shits art (and I mean that in the most noble way) – he circulates collectibles with people who may not have had the opportunity to collect them, but now have some extra dough. Myron opened my mind to new ways of thinking, and we built a strong friendship which, aside from the amazing footage, is just as valuable! I am grateful for the people more than anything…humbled and honored!    IMG_6963 Next I drove south to L.A. where I caught up with Chet. Synchronicity struck and Chet had apartment space available at his home, so I unpacked my film gear in a room hung with original Chet Zar’s, dating all the way back to 2002! Sharing wall space with Chet’s work were several masterpieces by his father, James Zar! One in particular, Chet informed, hung on the wall of his childhood home in the 70’s, and continues to influence his work. The next several days found me interviewing his High School drama teacher, colleagues at Spectral Motion Studio (where Chet and I filmed a walking tour), a devote fan, and special FX friends who were instrumental in the creation of the famed “Ego Death” Halloween show. IMG_6846 During this process Chet and I also filmed extensively. I was fortuitous enough to shoot Chet sifting through a lost portfolio of art (including childhood, high school, and adult work), which he discovered moments after I arrived. We also filmed many casual conversations, painting in his studio, b-roll of his oddity collection, and some highly focused interviews, where he disclosed secrets concerning Ouija boards, the number 5, and the next phase for the Dark Art movement.

Crossing the Mojave

The 15+ hour drive home allowed for much mental digestion, for conclusions to be drawn comfortably as the world scrolled by. More motivated than ever, and loaded with some of the most content packed footage to date, I’m ready to reveal this story to the world! Many thanks to the Zarmy for all of your support; without you this would not be happening. Together we will ensure that the world knows of the great Dark Art Master, Chet Zar!        

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Giger Legacy Lives On

Although it is a sad day, the Giger legacy lives on! Young or old, there is nary a Dark Artist or Dark Art fan who doesn’t know of H.R. Giger, and the indelible mark he left in the art world! While it is healthy and necessary to mourn the passing of a kindred spirit, especially one whose work has inspired millions, it is also important to turn our attention to the immortality of his being. Giger deposited a sliver of his soul in every piece of art, and the dimensions he transports us to with his work exist, time immemorial! His art is a portal into a foreboding world, one many of us have experienced first hand, whether in dreams or meditation, during creative rapture or by means of artistic doorways such as Giger’s. 94583-hr-giger-the-tourist-xmirror_imageI remember the first time I saw Giger’s work, during Junior High. I was researching LSD for a science class and I stumbled across “Mirror Image”. Paired with this artwork was a disturbing piece of text describing the horrific outcomes that could befall a person on LSD, such as thinking that their face was melting off; Giger’s work was intended to portray this, and it worked!  Like most other Dark Artists, from a young age Chet Zar was positively affected by the works of Giger. Zar relates that he first saw Giger’s work when he was twelve years old and “the world kind of changed for me”. Until that moment he felt “that art had completely stagnated”. Zar is merely one example of those artists in the world that are touched by Giger, and go on to evolve their own art having been greatly inspired! In this way not only is Giger immortalized through his own artwork, but also through other artists like Zar. Like any evolution, what has come before inevitably has a bearing over what follows, and it is not difficult to see the roots of Giger in Zar’s work.

“Gnashing of Teeth” (2007) – Oil on Canvas – 24×30. Chet Zar.


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Chet Zar Envelope Pusher

Chet Zar Envelope Pusher of Dark Art! Just when you think Chet Zar can’t top his last he comes out with another mind shattering piece! Chet Zar’s interpretation of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” is truly terrifying, yet like any eager circus sideshow attendee, you gaze upon this grotesque atrocity in awe and amazement! You don’t want to look away, yet the longer you look the more it draws you in to the melty folds of its skin. Deeper still into its gaping maw, all the while its hardboiled egg eyeball stares at you!   The_Thing_11x14_OC_2014

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Second Kickstarter Success

Second Kickstarter Success! I am totally humbled by the amazing outpouring of support for I Like to Paint Monsters and Chet Zar! We surpassed many hurdles! In the process we have shown that despite numerous obstacles we can come together to achieve amazing things! If nothing else, this is the most important lesson to take from this success. Each and every one of us have the potential to rally friends, family and colleagues in search of a common goal! I can’t begin to thank you all enough for your ongoing support!  Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.02.13 AM

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Chet Zar Documentary Kickstarter Success

Chet Zar Documentary Kickstarter Success! Thank you everyone for your support!!! We’ve successfully surpassed the minimum goal! If we can stretch this thing to $40k every Backer will receive a 2015 Chet Zar Calendar. Backer surveys will ask you for your favorite painting, and the top 12 choices will be featured in the Calendar! Let’s take this thing to the next level, and ensure that this movie becomes what it is truly destined to be! Head over to the ILTPM KS2 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Chet and I were discussing the next steps for the documentary this morning, and I’ll tell you what I told him. The goal is to have the documentary complete mid to late July, which will put us in good standing for submissions to most large, international film festivals for 2015, namely Sundance, Tribeca, Atalanta, Toronto, Vancouver, and Cannes. While these large festivals are good for large scale exposure, many of the smaller festivals allow further growth of the cult following. These smaller festivals are much more personal and as a consequence facilitate a greater level of intimate promotion. So amongst the grandiose festivals, I intend to place ILTPM in many smaller ones as well. With additional funding I will be able to travel with the documentary while it runs the circuit, large and small, ensuring proper representation of our important project! 

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Official Chet Zar Image

The Official Chet Zar Image has been chosen for the I Like to Paint Monsters Documentary! Not only will this image be prepared as a 5×7″ oil study, but the full sized 24×30″ oil painting will be featured on postcards, posters and t-shirts. Only 3 days left to raise the last $2,700! Please share the link and/or pledge if you can! BlueSketch_2

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Documentary Executive Producer Representing

Our Documentary Executive Producer Representing I Like to Paint Monsters while hanging out with Adam Jones from the world renowned band, Tool! Please keep spreading the word of the Kickstarter2; we only have 8 days left to raise the last $9,500! Take another look for yourself, there are new rewards and new videos to enjoy. Let’s bring this important story to the big screen >

Mischa_AdamJones copy

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