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Ratings Reviews Keep Coming

Ratings Reviews Keep ComingThe ratings reviews keep coming for ‘Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters’ on iTunes! There is still time, enter to win Chet Zar’s custom framed oil study, “Nostrum”. We are so pleased with the outpouring of support for the documentary thus far. The Zarmy has nearly tripled the ratings and reviews for the film on iTunes, in only three days! We are enthused to see so many 5 star ratings, with such heartfelt and well delivered reviews. On the first day of the contest one Zarmy member had this to say in their review, “Any visitor to my house that sees his work and gives a sneer or gets uncomfortable because of the subject matter, this has become required viewing.” As a creator and the director of the documentary, it fulfills me to know that the film is used in such a way. The goal was always to create something that was both entertaining, and a dialogue instigator – a film that would cause people to think and to engage in discussion. Another Zarmy member concisely stated in their review, “This is about as honest a dialogue with the master as you can get. This oozes originality and the delivery of the subject by the director is truly special!” 

Ratings Reviews Keep Coming

Aside from the obvious gratification of enjoying the words of the many Zarmy members affected by the documentary, these ratings and reviews drive our stats on iTunes. These stats dictate our position, and thus our exposure to those who do not already know about the film. Inevitably we want the documentary to spread as far as possible. Your help ensures that we “comfort the disturbed, and disturb the normal“! Sharing on social media is incredibly powerful. Email the link to a friend who you think might appreciate the documentary. You may have already rated and reviewed the film, but the power lies in your ability to find 5 others to do the same. We ask this of you, because we also believe in the power of our film, and feel that it can inspire many!

Contest Rules and Regulations: 

  1. Review and/or Rate ‘Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters’ on iTunes 
  2. Choose your favorite Chet Zar image and post on Instagram
  3. Tag the following: @chetzar @NRGcreations #iliketopaintmonsters #Zarmy
  4. Only one entry per Zarmy member 
  5. Contest ends 07/19/16 @ 5:55pm PST – Winners randomly drawn within 24hrs

Ratings Reviews Keep Coming


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Custom Framed Oil Study Contest

Custom Framed Oil Study ContestThe custom framed oil study contest is now live! Review and/or Rate ‘Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters’ on iTunes and enter to win. Five prizes will be drawn randomly for five lucky Zarmy members. First prize is a custom framed 5×7″ oil study, with four runner-up winners receiving signed 8×10″ Chet Zar prints. Winning prizes is great, but the purpose of this contest is to promote the success of the film. We believe there are many people in the world who have not seen ‘Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters‘. One of the most effective ways of ensuring that people outside the current Zarmy ranks see the film is through ratings and reviews. In this vein we are seeking 5 star ratings on iTunes, which enhances our placement on the page. This is no different than what the music industry refers to as “the charts”. The closer we get to the “top twenty”, the farther the documentary reach expands, exponentially. Each time a user reviews the documentary and/or rates it, our exposure grows. So we are looking to you for assistance! Without the Zarmy we would have had no funding, and therefore no documentary. Now we need the Zarmy to assist once again. It only requires a few minutes, but will make all the difference! 

  1. Review and/or Rate ‘Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters’ on iTunes 
  2. Choose your favorite Chet Zar image and post on Instagram
  3. Tag the following: @chetzar @NRGcreations #iliketopaintmonsters #Zarmy
  4. Only one entry per Zarmy member 
  5. Contest ends 07/19/16 @ 5:55pm PST – Winners randomly drawn within 24hrs
Custom Framed Oil Study Contest

Enter to WIN First Place Prize – A NEW Custom Framed 5×7″ Chet Zar Oil Study

There are many ways to help the documentary. You can buy a Signed DVD + Bonus Features. You can share your experience on social media, set up a screening night with friends, and comment on articles at There are a variety of platforms in addition to iTunes where you can review and/or rate the documentary. While these do not count as entries for the current contest, they help immensely: iMDB, Amazon, and Rotten Tomatoes. We are so pleased with the positive outpouring of support for the documentary thus far! Now we are seeking to push it even farther, with your help!  


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Documentary Website Relaunch

"The Primaries" as featured in Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters (2015)

The documentary website relaunch is complete after several months of work! New style, information, images, and merchandise, plus all of your favorite I Like to Paint Monsters blogs and media. Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters (2015) has been on the streets for two months, and we continue to receive a humbling number of reviews, reflections, and overall appreciation daily! The goal in creating the documentary was to produce a thought provoking biopic, that encourages personal growth and artistic exploration in the audience, through the process of inspiration. It is now clear that we achieved our goal! Needless to say, we intended to appeal to Chet Zar’s existing fan base first and foremost, but also sought to extend the fold to include new fans, friends and collectors – we are encouraged to see that we also succeeded here. The reason for this success is YOU! The Zarmy is the reason that we were able to fund the documentary, and continues to be the reason that people learn about it. Our reach is only so far, and we rely on the “100th Monkey Effect”, so to speak. We need the Zarmy to spread the word so that those who do not know about Chet Zar, can find out! Please take a moment to tell a friend about the documentary, share the website on social media, rent the documentary on iTunes, or buy it on DVD and have some people over for a screening. Another thing that greatly assists in our online stats are reviews. If you have a few spare moments and feel compelled, you can score and review the documentary on iTunes, Amazon, iMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes. These scores and reviews will enhance the likelihood of the documentary trickling down to Netflix!   


We are currently running a sale in the ILTPM Store for Documentary Collectibles. You can pick up 25% off Signed HDV Cassette Boxes from I Like to Paint Monsters production, and the only Signed Zarmy Edition Silkscreen. We have a special DARKLY TICKET contest co-occurring with the sale: 5 of the 50 Signed HDV Cassette Boxes will contain Darkly Tickets. These numbered tickets are redeemable for amazing prizes including documentary patches, a signed 8×10″ Chet Zar print, a signed Chet Zar Paintbrush, and a silver-sharpie-sketched “Chet Zar: The Art of Black Magick” book! If you receive a Darkly Ticket, ranging from FIRST PLACE (5) to LAST PLACE (1), follow the social media descriptions within for redemption (shipping is included). There are currently on 35 left, and no winners yet, so your chances are high!!!

EgoDeath_48x36_webThe ILTPM Store is currently out of Chet Zar: I like to Paint Monsters DVD’s, but you can pick them up from Chet Zar’s Store of Doom, signed by the man himself: Signed ILTPM DVD. You can also get a copy from our distributor First Run Features (DVD)! Last but not least, you can rent it in HD from iTunes VOD here: Rent/Buy ILTPM iTunes.  

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Documentary Collectibles

IMG_6217New Documentary Collectibles are available in the ILTPM Store, but there are a limited amount, so get yours before it’s too late! While archiving the Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters (2015) documentary production material, I found several items which the Zarmy will be excited about. First, I located fifty Master HDV Cassette boxes, with production notations. At first glance an empty plastic box could seem a bit lackluster, but these one-of-a-kind collectibles are part of the very fabric that makes up the documentary. Each box bears the actual dates, subjects, and notes pertinent to the raw footage that once existed within, and are signed by filmmaker Mike Correll (me). In addition, 5 of the 50 boxes will contain Darkly Tickets. These numbered tickets are redeemable for amazing prizes including documentary patches, a signed 8×10″ open edition Chet Zar print, a signed Chet Zar Paintbrush, and a silver-sharpie-sketched “Chet Zar: The Art of Black Magick” book! If you receive a Darkly Ticket, ranging from FIRST PLACE (5) to LAST PLACE (1), follow the social media descriptions within for redemption. Shipping is included. Purchase here: HDV Cassette Box

IMG_6218The last wooden framed, “Zarmy” edition silkscreen is also available! This silkscreen was used to produce all of the 2012 Kickstarter “Zarmy” edition hoodies and t-shirts, and is 3/3 from the screens used for that campaign. The screen has been “trapped” with clear lacquer to ensure no additional printing occurs, but the original image is salient! This wooden framed silkscreen is ready to hang on your wall, and bears the edition information and my signature.  Purchase here: Zarmy Silkscreen

The ILTPM Store is currently out of Chet Zar: I Like to Paint Monsters DVD’s, but you can get them from First Run Features, here: Purchase DVD, or in HD for V.O.D. on iTunes, here: Documentary in HD; soon to be available from Chet Zar’s Store of Doom!


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DVD Bonus Features

Chet Zar - Teen Collage © 2014 Chet Zar, LLC

Teenage Chet Zar Collage

The DVD Bonus Features have been the focus of the past several weeks, with every effort paid to quality and content. First Run Features has been supportive in allowing NRG Creations full creative license, which translates to amazing bonus features! No guarantees but it looks like we will be including more than an hour of additional material, including extended interviews, cutting room floor sequences, painting time-lapses, and a behind the scenes music video. As an independent filmmaker I value the creative integrity of my work above all else, and I find myself in the fortuitous position of working with First Run Features who similarly value the creative involvement of the filmmaker in the post production process. This is a dynamic that we have meditated on manifesting for several years now, so reaping the benefits is all the sweeter. For the Zarmy this is an assurance that both Chet Zar and I have overseen every stage of the packaging process, so you can be guaranteed enjoyment in exploring all of the Dark Art rabbit holes we have included. This situation has also presented us with the opportunity to pay homage to those interview subjects who either did not make the cut, or who were included, but only marginally.

Brian Smith still image © NRG Creations, Inc. 2014

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of artist Brian Smith

It has been very interesting to immerse myself, once again, in all of the I Like to Paint Monsters material, material which I have not revisited in many months. I am left with an overwhelming sentiment of hope as I listen to and watch the many interview subjects discuss a paradigm shift that is undoubtedly occurring. It seems to me that Dark Artists and fans alike are finding a way to bridge the gap of isolation through sharing darkness. What we all have in common is that we suffer, and we are afraid, and that very fact has the ability to either separate us further, or to drawn us nearer one another. It would seem that many people in this day and age are holding out for the latter, and this gives me great hope! Not only hope for each of us as individuals, but hope for our society.

"Death Mantis" and Trademarked Gas Mask Logo © 2015 Chet Zar, LLC

Still image from I Like to Paint Monsters of “Death Mantis” time-lapse

When things get heavy, and I find myself treading the dark lonely waters, I seek to act the way I want to feel. If I am feeling depressed, then simply by acting happy I engage chemicals and neural pathways that will lead towards a shift in my emotions. But it is not always so easy. Games also provide me an outlet for losing myself in a task which provides great gratification. So I will leave you with this Dark Egg Hunt, and hope that you enjoy it. This one is worth a Limited Edition Chet Zar postcard. Post your solution to the I Like to Paint Monsters FB page – first to succeed in solving the riddle WINS the prize (but really, everyone who tries wins)! 

Click the Pic

Go to

From Home page Navigate 2 to your right,

5 becomes 4 by solving this anagram: troll crash code —> join tone

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Dark Art Honors Suffering

IMG_2743Dark art honors suffering seems to be the agreed upon slogan for I Like to Paint Monsters, based on the incredible feedback we recently received at the Paradise Artist Retreat, premiere screening of the documentary. If we ever had any doubts about the potential impact of I Like to Paint Monsters, the Chet Zar documentary, they were completely vanquished after screening it for a mixed audience of one hundred and fifty plus artists, collaborators, and fans! IMG_2768After a brief introduction, standing in a spotlight, the audience somewhere out in the black hole of the auditorium, I seated myself for the nerve wracking ride. As the movie got underway I noticed people reacting where they were supposed, how they were supposed to, and for a brief one hour and twenty minutes I had the pleasure of watching three years worth of work through the eyes of my audience! The obligatory applause followed and I expected the audience to begin filing out. Instead they lowered their applause in favor of Rick Galiher’s delivery of the complete Ego Death eulogy, and sat quietly through the entire run of credits. Again we were met with applause, and at that moment I realized that we had achieved our goal. Originally the Q&A was to directly follow the screening, but I found myself standing and announcing a fifteen minute break to the audience, feeling that a few minutes to digest was necessary. IMG_2792Outside on the patio I was greeted by a regular stream of people, each taking a moment to express how deeply touched they had been by the film. I could overhear the murmur of the crowd and it seemed that everyone had felt the same tide of emotion. The Q&A began shortly thereafter and I found myself falling into that old Chet Zar, Mike Correll rhythm, and the bizarre stories began to flow. Even after the Q&A people came to the booth, next door to the auditorium, to express their appreciation of I Like to Paint Monsters; one incredible young man even said that it had changed his life! A humbling and hard to digest compliment, but one that speaks measures of the power of cinema and art! IMG_2562A week later now and I’m still digesting the experience. What is the most salient perhaps is that the Zarmy, albeit a catchy coined phrase, is actually a moniker for a group of people unified in their perception that Dark Art honors suffering. I Like to Paint Monsters has become a call to arms, and so it is quite apropos that those who support it would be called Zarmy members!  It is easy to get wrapped up in daily life, trying to both create and make enough money to pay the bills. Both Chet and I know it, and so we honor each Zarmy member for your level of involvement in both the Dark Art movement and I Like to Paint Monsters. With that in mind, Chet has taken a moment to give supporters and Kickstarter backers an update, and for those who did not make it to the documentary premiere, head to New Mexico on June 6th at 4:00pm, for the Albuquerque Film and Music Experience screening of I Like to Paint Monsters at the KIMO theatre. httpvh://

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Hell City Zarmy

DSC00050The Hell City Zarmy has returned from a productive and exciting trip to Phoenix, Arizona, for the Hell City Tattoo Convention. NRG Creations rendezvoused with the two newest ILTPM Crew members at the luxurious Arizona Biltmore, and we set about tackling the final missing piece of active production: fan testimonials! With weekend Production Assistant Heidi Hunt providing back up, and ILTPM Magazine Publicist Patrick Richter snapping “behind the scenes” pics, we arrived with just enough time to catch Ben Licata from “TattooNOW” interviewing Chet Zar on stage! In his usual, casual candor Chet filled the audience in on Chet.Heidi.Mikehis study sales, connection to the tattoo world, creative inspirations, and talked a bit about ILTPM. Off the stage and right back at it, Chet Zar could be found in an adjoining room where the “Wet Paint Project” was taking place. Between touch up’s on a set of extraordinary studies, Chet laid down strokes a life painting, of a young female model.IMG_0244 Around the corner the amazing Neil Winn ran sales at a joint booth, where a constant stream of both young and old browsed through Neil’s incredible sculptures, magnets and sketches, before delving into the darkened corner where Chet Zar boasted his bizarre wares! The heat kept everyone inside, which made for a tangible buzz of excitement and energy, all to the perpetual hum of the tattoo machines gliding over prone skin in the main convention area.  Patrick Richter HC21My second day brought with it interviews from the world famous circus sideshow duo, The Enigma and Serana Rose, both of whom offered their instinctual and intellectual reflections of Chet Zar’s work, all wrapped in a bow of tattoos, skewers, implants and garish costumes! Long time Zarmy member, ILTPM supporter,DSC00116 and Chet Zar fan Richard Ray Ingersoll also stopped by and delivered a powerfully charismatic speech on how Chet Zar’s work has affected him personally, and why it is so important to the world at this time in history! Evening festivities brought with them powerful visions, warm camaraderie, libations and epicurean delights. The morning brought with it the heat as well as the inevitable departure! Luckily I had pre-arranged the lights, so I was able to get early morning, heartfelt interviews from both Patrick Richter (our weekend host and photographer), and Heidi Hunt (currently the only owner of an Ego Death tattoo – WIP by the amazing Jason Peacher of St. George, Utah) before tearing down and packing up. IMG_0241The long, ten hour drive home lulled me into creative inspiration, to the lovely array of music thrumming in my ears, and the darkened landscape speeding past. Back at NRG Creations headquarters and the footage consolidation began; satisfied with my Hell City plunder, I picked up the editing process, while simultaneously assisting with the completion of The Anxious Robot Raffle. As the days IMG_0243between now and documentary completion dwindle, I’m overcome with indescribable gratitude for the support the Zarmy has provided over the past two years, and more excited than ever to share this amazing piece of filmic history with each and every one of you!   

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Documentary Revelations Abound

MomentOfClarity_11x14_OC_2005Documentary revelations abound as I dissolve into a round the clock I Like to Paint Monsters extravaganza! Amidst the technical turmoil of pounding out the editorial kinks, moments of clarity seem like gulps of frigid water, shocking my system into profound wakefulness. Despite only having two hands, and over a dozen balls in the air, intuitions rises like a berg from the depths, its cratered surface glistening in the harsh light. If I am fast and lucky I am allowed a relic. As I have imparted before, documentary occurs in tandem with both the lives of the documentary subjects, and the inevitable twists and turns of the filmmaker’s. These things are not separate, and as a consequence they rub off on one another, just as you pick up dust on your jacket squeezing between tight surfaces. Recently while musing over literature revolving around Joseph Campbell, one of Chet Zar’s inspirations, I was struck with a moment of clarity! A connection was made in my mind concerning the management of old and new myths, and the potential impact of that notion, in application to paradigm shift, namely the movement towards happiness and away from fear. And so the script continues to ebb and flow as I work through the production of necessary b-roll (images used to carry the story), while simultaneously sequencing the interviews into a manageable infrastructure. Another moment of clarity arose recently while enjoying a Facebook thread with some friends. A glimmering idea, nearly carbonated with energy shone through, and I decided that a fundraising contest is in order.
NEW Chet Zarmy Design

NEW Chet “Zarmy” Design – Coming SOON!

We are always looking for ways to fund the documentary, now the film festival circuit, so here is the deal: Open design submissions for a limited edition, I Like to Paint Monsters poster run! Post your finished high definition image (300 dpi or better) on the I Like to Paint Monsters Facebook page —> ILTPM, no later than 12am MST, July 14th, for a chance to have your design featured! Contest winner will also receive a documentary Hoodie, and runner up prizes will be revealed on the 14th. While I suggest an image that is a traditional poster size, 11×17″ for instance, I am allowing full creative freedom. One submission per person. Donate your time and creativity to help the documentary succeed! Together we can ensure that the documentary has the most thorough Film Festival circuit review, by creating and selling merchandise to support travel!  IMG_8379 “Ever since we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch we’ve been learning cultural myths, upon which the infrastructure of our perception rests. Unfortunately these myths are often outdated. Biblical information, for instance, that was once pertinent, is rendered obsolete by the passage of time. Yet we are left with these empty myths that still govern our behavior. Joseph Campbell would tell us that we need to create our own myths!” ~ Excerpt from ILTPM Script    

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Chet Zar Documentary Raffle Results


Here are the Chet Zar Documentary Raffle Results: First place prize, Vampclops, was won by Daniel Fisher. Second place prize, ILTPM hoodie, was won by Paul McCarroll. Third place prize, signed limited edition poster, was won by Andrew Gaskins. Fourth place prize, ILTPM shirt, was won by Inside the Rock Poster Frame. Fifth place prize, ILTPM patches, were won by: Justin Klotz, Andrew Gaskins, Mike Regan, Rhona Kemp, Cass Hyde, and Patrick Richter. The remaining prizes, ILTPM stickers, were won by: Inside the Rock Poster Frame, Giedrius Zilinskas, Anja Laursen, Joe Walter, Jim Correll, Chris Dawdy, Rebecca Duran, Daniel Shott, Patrick Richter, Cass Hyde, Jacob Distel, Andrew Gaskins, Sean McCowen, Mitchell Browning, and Lori Bride! Happy New Year’s everyone, and thank you for all of your support! IMG_4263

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